Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Boscarne Junction + Wharf (2)

First attempt at adding some scenic detail to the Boscarne track plan. I need to further investigate the level crossing area of Boscarne, especially the Mill and cottage south of the level crossing. There was a mill race running off from a weir on the river Camel further up the valley so I could presume that the mill was water driven.

After looking at baseboard joints and where they may fall to miss point work, I think this will be built with four 4 x 2 foot baseboards. This may mean I could extend the left hand exit/entry point (Grogley end) by 1 foot to give a 10 foot scenic frontage. This extra foot might give me enough space to suggest a halt platform but not sure how to disguise the exit point f I do. I am at working on the assumption that I will be using a cassette style fiddle yard with maximum train lengths of just under 3 foot. (Engine and 2 coaches or engine and approximately nine wagons).

If this track plan is going to be used as a test piece there shouldn't be anything stopping me from starting to build the baseboard framework. Open framework construction was how I used to build baseboards. These boards may be similar to be able to have a level base framework onto which the different levels can be constructed. The last boards I build used the plywood sandwich beam method which did end up to be very stable. I am also pretty sure how each end baseboard end piece contour should look.

Oh dear, this means I should now start to prise myself out of that armchair.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm working on a painting of the Junction right now and this is really useful. Thanks :)