Monday, 22 December 2008

Boscarne Junction + Wharf (1)

Well is this it? Boscarne Junction as it might have been if Grogley Junction was built as my scenario. A much reduced track plan from the original as the exchange of clay traffic will be taking place at the new Grogley Junction. At last having found some time I've had a play with Templot and produced this track plan. Simple plan but please don't mock as I've mastered a few little quirks of this software and feel a little more confident in it use.

Grogley is to the left, Bodmin North and Wenford bridge are off top right and Bodmin General bottom right. For extra interest I have added a Wharf siding which would also serve the Mill at Boscarne. This siding would be gated like the one at Nanstallon. As the original Boscarne Junction I have not included any platform but it is very tempting to duplicate Nanstallon's or Dumere's style of halt at the left entry/exit just before a level crossing.

Overall length is 9 feet of scenic frontage so this could be a first foray into P4. With only four points and on straight baseboards if would be very simple to build and get something working. I will be trying to take this plan into a drawing package to add scenic bits and bats and will post later if reasonably successful.


jahjahau said...

I am researching my FRANCIS and HOOPER families who lived at Nanstallon. The census shows they lived at Nanstallon wharf.

Nanstallon Wharf,1,Thomas Francis,78,,Agricultural Labourer,In county,
,,Frances Francis,,68,,In county,
,,Elizabeth Francis,,26,,In county,
,,Frances Langden,,4,,In county,

1851 census Nanstallon Wharf
Elizabeth HOOPER 36 b Bodmin
Walter HOOPER aged 50 farmer of 14 acres b Luxulyan
Catherine F HOOPER 1 b Bodmin
Frances FRANCIS 80 farmer’s widow b Egloshayle

1861 census
Address: Nanstallon Wharf
HOOPER Walter Head M M 62 Farmer Of 4acand Wharfinger b Cornwall - Luxulyan
HOOPER Elizabeth Wife F 47 Cornwall - Bodmin
HOOPER Catherine F Dau F 11 Scholar
Cornwall - Bodmin
HOOPER John Grose Son M 7 Scholar Cornwall - Bodmin

1871 Nanstallon Wharf
Walter Hooper Head M 72 Born: Luxulyan rly wharfinger
Elizabeth Hooper Wife M 56 Bodmin
Catherine F Hooper Dau U 21 Bodmin
John G Hooper Son U 17 Bodmin farm servant

In Australia where I live, we think of a wharf as a place where ships tie up and unload. From what I read on your blog it seems to be used in connection with the railway - more a siding where goods are unloaded from a train. Can you explain this further, please?

The HOOPERs were farmers, but also a 'wharfinger' - do you know what a wharfinger's job was?

Hope you don't mind all the questions. Good luck with your blog.


Yan said...

I'm so so sorry about being so late in replying so can I please apologise. I was not been able to pick up emails for a while but also thought I'd try to do a little more research as my understanding of a Wharfingers actual job is very sketchy. This still does not excuse me as I have only just realised I have not replied.

You are correct in that on this small Cornish branch line a wharf was a public siding for loading and unloading goods. But I cannot offer any further insight into the Wharfinger's job apart from they were responsible for the public siding. No doubt this would have entailed taking delivery/booking in of wagons and making sure they were unloaded in a specified time by the person or company that the load was for. I doubt that they were physically responsible for loading and unloading as there were women Wharfingers at some sidings. I cannot clarify any of this as all my information on the line and sidings mentions Wharfingers but does not clarify their actual duties, it is only my interpretation.

Not sure that this is of any interest but the line between Wadebridge and Bodmin (with Nanstallon as an intermediate halt) opened officially open on 3rd October 1834. The siding at Nanstallon was closed to traffic on 2nd May 1960.

Judy said...

A belated thank you.