Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Boscarne Junction + Wharf (3)

Well this is it, the test track!

A little bit more that the plank with a little track and a couple of points but should be interesting to build. It should also throw up some good questions along the way.

I've been chewing the fat over the last couple of weeks about baseboard sizes and this is hopefully it. I've ended up with sizes that should fit into my little 306 leaving space for legs, stock boxes etc. Basic baseboard length is 3ft 6" long by 2ft wide, with two hidden sections being 3ft 6" by 18" and one being 3ft 6" by 12". Overall layout including hidden siding will be as shown below.

I've decide to leave off the end of the Mill building shown in a previous plan so that I can reduce the baseboard width. The only item I'm not sure of at the moment is the house adjacent to the signal box. I'm not including it for the moment but as the project progresses it may well make an appearance.

I realise that in making this a Y shaped layout will complicate operation for one person if ever I get invited anywhere (a little presumptuous I know but one can live in hope :-)) but I felt it was the only way to finish that end of the layout off. If left as my previous plan the small amount of shunting would have always entered the hidden siding by some distance. By adding a little more length at this end should reduce this to a minimum. Also by adding the interest of the River Camel with its two bridges and embankments gives me some practice for features on Grogley.

I now need to decide how to build the baseboards. The last layout I build was very basic using 2" x 1" with chipboard tops. This layout will have to be a little bit more sophisticated. Open topped construction looks favourite using techniques from Barry Norman's and Iain Rice's books. I have also been interested in some threads on the P4's forum pages about baseboard depth. I had not thought about point operation but have seen Tortoise point motors being used on many layouts and like the slow action. To accommodate Tortoise's under the baseboard it would seem that the depth of baseboard from track bed to bottom edge needs to be a minimum of 8" to give protection to these motors. This should not be too much of a problem considering I am now including the river and bridges.


James said...

The resulting need to widen the baseboards at that end will add extra depth to the scene which I think will really enhance it. I think the view at track level looking across to traffic on the line to Bodmin North will be most pleasing. Should make for good photos too!



Yan said...

I'd not thought of it like that.

Trouble is I am already planning the next board up the Bodmin North section. To duplicate the existing Y shape beyond the bridge and add the Wenford Branch junction and possible Dumere Halt. Not sure now if it would detract from the layout.

I'll have to think about it a little more while I wait for track components and ScaleFour North.

James said...

The best thing might be to make a 3D mock up of the proposed layout and see what you think about how it'll appear.

And if you're going to Scalefour North you must come and say hello! I'm there with the East Yorkshire Area Group with part of Botanic Gardens!

Yan said...

Hmm... might be a good idea. This was only suppose to be a test layout as a stepping stone to Grogley Junction. Still need it to be worth building though.

I'm planning to be at the Exhibition on the Sunday so will definitely try and make contact. I met with the North Lincs. Area Group last night who are also at the Exhibition with Milton... looking forward to it already.