Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Boscarne Junction + Wenford Junction

Just toying with an idea to extend the Bodmin North line to include the junction for Wenford Bridge. This would possibly change the viewing side to the top, looking down into the valley at Boscarne, rather than up out of the valley if I leave the plan as it is in my "Boscarne Junction + Wharf (3)" posting.

I'm not convinced at the moment. Think I have enough on my plate with the original plan of just Boscarne. May make an allowance for this to be added in the future. Ideally it would be two extra boards so that the road over bridge across the Bodmin North line and the ungated crossing across the Wenford line could be included. Ah, now then, that would also bring the Dunmere Wharf into play. This is starting to get out of hand and becoming a small layout in its own right. It is dragging me further away from Grogley as well. This layout is only a test build to try out my skills, or lack of them, before building Grogley Junction.


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