Sunday, 12 July 2009

Two nice discoveries

Class 22
Just discovered Genesis Kits and their Class 22 pilot scheme loco kit (D6300 - D6305). These were all shedded at Laira shed during my chosen period. As yet I haven't turned up any photographic evidence that they would have been used on the Bodmin General to Wadebridge duties but one would be a good addition to my collection.

In stock to build I already have one old MTK kit which is earmarked to be D6339 as seen on the branch in 1962 near Grogley Halt. This will be built with the split headcodes (two roller blind route indicator panels) and finished in green with yellow warning panels and the 25kV warning signs. I also have a Silver Fox Models resin kit which is earmarked to be D6315 as seen at Wadebridge in 1961. This one has the folding head code discs and will be finish in all over green livery (no yellow front ends).

Recently, while scanning though one of the railway magazines in a newsagent (should have bought the mag really), I read that Dapol are going to produce a model of a Class 22. It's like waiting for a bus.

Beattie Well Tank
Kernow Models have come up trumps with their proposed model of a Beattie Well Tank. I've been putting off buying a kit for one of these locos as I'm not sure of my skills at soldering brass kits together. OK the model will be OO but hopefully not too difficult to re-gauge. At the pace I am going, Ultrascale may have a conversion pack ready by the time I need to run a Beattie ..... here's hoping. I've just got to decided which one to order out of the three they are proposing to produce.


James said...
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James said...

Genesis Kits are not for the faint hearted! You can produce good results but they do take time. My own experience with building a model of LMS 10000 was a positive one but it took a long time! I found the trailing bogie wasn’t very sturdy so I bought parts which could have fitted a powered bogie but used them, instead, on a non powered Hornby three axle bogie – due to the weight of the loco I didn’t feel pin points would stand up that well. Something to bear in mind…

Overall it did capture the look of the prototype which was pleasing. There’s a lot of scope to add detail and make the model your own. There are various items from other locos which can be used – for instance, Class 56 fan grilles are about the right size for the Class 22! If you e-mail (link on my blog!) me I’ll send you the complete list of bits which may be used; I’ve done a number of class 22s over the last few years.

Take care,