Sunday, 2 August 2009

Thoughts while decorating

While decorating, my mind is tending to wander a little......

I keep getting thoughts about the amount of stock I have planned to build for Boscarne. The realisation that I have to plan my next purchase due to the extended lead times of some manufacturers means I have to place my next order soon. Also the need to know what I need so I can purchase other items when I come across them (as they might not be in production for long). These thoughts are causing me to ask myself continuous questions. This flipping decorating malarkey is also putting me well behind schedule! How can I get myself back on track?

My original idea was/is to base both layouts in 1961/62. During this period there were many changes to the locos shedded at Wadebridge and seen on this branch. These changes give opportunities for the following locos to be used: 1 x Beattie Well Tank, 1 x 13xx, 1 x N Class 2-6-0s, 1 x O2, 1 or 2 x 45xxs, 1 or 2 x 57xx, 1 or 2 Class 22 Hydraulics, plus an 1 Ivatt 2-6-2T 2MT. This is 8 - 11 locos to convert or build and detail. This is without listing all the coaching and freight stock required.

Hmmmm .... Irrespective of the fact that all the above will also be seen running though Grogley Junction, I'm thinking this may be a little too much to be my first objective for a reasonable timetable to be represented. Granted I would not require it all straight away but Boscarne Wharf Junction layout is only suppose to be, a test P4 layout, a layout on a plank, something I can put together in a reasonably short period of time!!!! Trouble is it is starting to grow arms and legs and becoming more than I originally planned. This might not be a bad idea as ultimately, if it turns out OK, it could be an extension to Grogley Junction. Question is, just for now, do I need to cut down my thoughts for Boscarne's initial stock list? Doing so may enable me reach a state of completion that will allow me to progress onto the main project, Grogley Junction, sooner rather than later. Think I need to put some blinkers on ......

My thoughts over the last few days are turning to considering the 1970s as a possible era for Boscarne. The line was freight only by then. I think passenger services ceased in 1967 but Wadebridge was kept open for freight via Bodmin General until 1974. I would only require two locos and a few freight wagons plus clay wagons with or without hoods depending on year. One Class 08 and, depending on when in the 1970s, one of the following, a Class 22 or Class 25 or Class 37. The thought of hearing a Class 25 stood idling in amongst the trees on a hot summers day (it's a shame we can't depict a misty/rainy Cornish day with dripping trees) while waiting for the 08 to bring full clay wagons down from Wenford is attractive.

Operationally this will be limited but would enable me to reach a point where I could say 'finished for now'. I could then move on to the main project, Grogley Junction. Two problems are: I would struggle to justify running these locos through Grogley as its track would probably have been rationalised in the 1970s and I think all wharf sidings on the line were closed or lifted by 1969.

I'll keep stripping and painting ........ and thinking.


Flymo said...

Listening to your concerns about the next layout, I think that you're overcomplicating things...

If Boscarne is only a test-track, you don't NEED eleven locomotives - only two or three. And for those you can choose the ones that are quickest/easiest to convert.

Alternatively, if it is MORE than a test-track, it doesn;t matter how long you take to build the full roster as you're keeping this as the main event.

Don't be trapped by the "do everything now" mentaility, chill out and keep painting...


Iain Robinson said...

I would seriously go with the class 25 (or frothbox, as my locoman uncle used to call them)and the 08.

The beauty of being a railway modeller is that you can decide that maybe the sidings weren't lifted...model what might have happened...and later on you can invest in the loco fleet you want. I think there's nothing nicer than listening to a chip fitted 25 or 37 ticking over, pretending the exhaust ports are filling with clag. Pity Seuthe don't make a claggy black smoke unit!

Ian Everett said...

Fascinting concept, Yan. I did much the same thing, albeit for a different area, when I built Clecklewyke - see I then was widowed, had four kids to look after and was short of time and space. Clecklewyke (and some very good friends) kept me sane. The kids have now left home, I am remarried, rteired, have enormous space, and will be incorporating Clecklewyke into the Bradford North Western branch. Do your very best on your small layout, but don't be surprised at how long it will take you! And if you enjoy building locos do it and enjoy it!