Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Photos of Bridges at Boscarne Junction (part 1)

Boscarne Junction is now probably not a first choice for a future model. However, when I was in Cornwall it was still a serious option that was on the table. The two bridges over the river Camel at Boscarne would be an important part of any layout of this junction (fictitious or accurate) and to record these was one objective while I was there. So for anyone that might be interested, a few photos follow showing the bridge that carries the old GWR line to Bodmin General over the river Camel:

Photo looking back up the line to Bodmin General from Boscarne Junction

Looking down stream on the south bank.

Looking across stream from the previous photo

Looking back up stream on the south bank.

As a guide for scale, my trusty stead is 10.5 hands tall to top of saddle (107cms or 42 inches in old money). I'll publish photos of the bridge on the SR line to Bodmin North in a future post.

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JeaneBee said...

Beautiful brige photos...we enjoy the train blogs and seeing model and actual places.

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