Sunday, 29 March 2020

Little people

A good friend, and a fellow Tredethy Wharf operator, offered to paint a few figures for my Gricer Train. I gratefully posted half a dozen Dart Casting figures off to him.

I've got to admit that I was suitably embarrassed in the speed these figures were returned. Within a couple of weeks they promptly appeared in our post box. He even fashioned a camera on the young woman to make the figure more appropriate.

I've not put paint on a brush for many months and to have these returned so quickly was an excellent kick up the proverbial. Along with little people for the Gricer, I also require a number of footplate figures along with guards. Out came the tray, and figure painting has commenced...

With all that is going on currently with the COVID-19 lockdown, the distractions of playing golf has been removed. I now have no excuse not to get more figures painted.

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