Sunday, 14 June 2020

Four Road Engine shed - Part 1

OK so here goes.

There are a lot of pieces, hence why I've chosen to build this kit after completing the Coaling Stage and Sand House. This will probably take me a few weeks as I have other projects on the go and I don't want to rush this build.

The first task was to construct the ends and sides. Hopefully, I've understood the construction correctly as I've modified the ends so the sides fit correctly with the castellations.

End as-built following the instructions
Modified end so castellation between ends and side will fit correctly
Inside view of one of end showing strengthing applied to the pillars
Side castellation showing rebate that I had to allow for on the ends
The internal view of both sides with pillars in place
The next stage in the instructions is to join the ends and sides to create the overall structure. But as I did for the Coaling Stage, I think it will be easier to paint the internal walls before gluing them together. So far I'm really enjoying this build.

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