Sunday, 7 June 2020

Sand House

Before I started on the four road Engine Shed, which is the largest building for this project, I thought I'd build the small Sand House. On paper, this looked to be a simple building to construct. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a little troublesome.

Firstly when checking the parts over and how they fitted together I found I couldn't make much sense of how the veneered ends fitted. Placing the veneers over the ends so the window apertures fell in the correct place left a large gap at the bottom.

Within the kit parts, there were a couple of end louvre windows so I decided to remove the existing louvre bars in the end walls and make the veneer ends fit correctly. The separate louvre frames were then installed in both end walls.

If the joints in the veneer below the louvre window are not disguised once painted, the recovery will be installing a lintel and sill.

Then there was the problem with one of the side louvre windows, one fits the precut aperture correctly the other lourve is too small.

So should I fit the lintel in line with the left-hand window which will show the missing louvre bars (as in the picture above) or,

should I install the lintel to reduce the size of the window and match the size of the louvre frame?

As far as the small side louvre frame I decided to go with the first option but adding a filler to try and signify a repair.

I feel the adaption on the small louvre frame has masked the problem well.

So that's the easy building completed, well, apart from painting, it's now onto the big one, the four road engine shed.

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