Thursday, 12 November 2020

Being forced to revisit thoughts on next project

Previously I outlined my thoughts on what might be my next project in There were a few different ideas but eventually I'd settled on the Engine Shed project and made a start on constructing a few of the buildings.

Well what has happened since then, and why no blog updates? Well, six months ago we took the decision to close the holiday cottage business. You may well ask why this should stop my blog updates. I’ll explain… The ultimate intention is to sell the property; in the meantime we have let the cottage on a short term tenancy agreement. This brings me to the ‘ no blogs’; well, to sell or to continue with short term tenancy we have to empty two sheds of our ‘bits and bats’. These two sheds really belong to the cottage so the contents need storing elsewhere. After discussing all options we decided that the only practical solution is to section off 5 feet of my ‘Man Cave’. This is making use of the external door at one end of the room giving access from outside off the driveway. Unfortunately doing so means I now only have 11ft by 8ft 6in. Must admit that from initially having 23 feet by 8ft 6in a couple of years ago to now only having the 11feet by 8ft 6in has affected my modelling mojo. The Engine Shed building was put on hold as I did wonder if the Engine Shed project was one I could continue with without serious compromises being taken with the track-plan.

I'd got as far as painting the internal walls before gluing the four main walls together. A start had also been made on constructing the roof at which point I discovered I was missing the smoke roof vents. After a quick email to Timber Tracks they kindly posted all that I required which arrived very prompting. Since then, as mentioned, my mind has been wrestling with how I might proceed with this project. Is a four road engine shed now too big for a track-plan that I could possibly fit into the reduced space now available?

 All is not lost... my next blog will reveal how I've decided to continue.

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