Monday, 16 November 2020

Making the layout fit…

Finally, this is the new track plan to fit in the reduced size of my Man Cave.

I've been able to reduce the scenic area by 1ft and taken 1ft off the staging/fiddle yard board, bringing the overall length down to 11ft. This has been achieved by using two 3 way turnouts. The other alteration to the previous plan is the proposed inclusion of a Diesel Maintenance shed and refuelling point. I found an excuse to include Diesel locomotive facilities after reading that some sheds provided small maintenance units for the early arrivals of class 08 shunters. I also found a photo of a single track diesel maintenance unit being built in 1957 at Woodford Halse. OK this was not on the Western Region but the caption does state that these facilitates where built at other sites around the country. Anyway it is only a suggestion and time will tell if it is included.

Below are some photos of the full size track plan with some mock-ups laid out to trial what the layout will look like along with different track levels.

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Scale Replicas said...

Really impressive Yan. Looking forward to following your progress.