Friday, 10 May 2013

Pre-show nerves

Well... my first exhibition this weekend and I think I'm all set up for the show at Cleethorpes: The curtain has been made by my very understanding wife and I think it is the finishing touch to the presentation. I'm very apprehensive as to how my little offering will be received, as I feel it is not much of a layout with a lot to do scenically and also building appropriate rolling stock.

All set-up and ready for tomorrow
Our area group have three offerings on show:Tredethy Wharf; Fish Dock Road; and the very early stages of Swan Yard. Other layouts at the show include four N gauge (one being a German/Swiss layout); one OO; one OO/oo-9 gauge; one O gauge; plus an EM gauge. So a good spread of gauges and interests ...

 Stage left is one area that is beginning to look how I have visualised it.
If anyone following this blog is able to make it to the show please make yourselves known as it would be good to have a chat. Hope to see you there.


Stephen Sheredy said...

I really enjoy seeing how far you have come making this beautiful diorama! Great job with the trees. Looking forward to seeing how it looks finished.

Wonderful scale modelling.

James said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress in the morning!

James said...

It was good to see you today and really impressed with the layout! It's coming on very well indeed!

Bob said...

Well, it all went very well and I enjoyed the banter in the P4 section and the chat between 3/5ths of the Mablethorpe & District MRC!

Hopefully your enthusiasm will continue to grow from this 'warm and friendly exhibition' - Nigel Gill's words as he seeks layouts for 2014 and 2015......well now !

Yan said...

Thanks guys. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Even though the layout is not finished there were some very complimentary comments which does help to motivate.

It would be good to see your new bit of Austrian rubbish at Cleethorpes Bob...:-))

Hmmm.. The old M&DMRC, grand days they where.