Monday, 29 August 2016


I managed to spend a few hours working on the layout this weekend and started by adding more DAS modelling clay for the base of the Cornish Hedges that border the Wharf sidings. This led onto thinking about how to represent the lane that crosses the track and I then plucked up courage to start laying down the hard standing around the Wharf sidings again using DAS.

After trialling a couple of solutions I've decided to follow Gordon Gravett's technique for the lane. This is using plasticard for the base, painted with gloss enamel paint followed by a sprinkling of Talcum Powder.

 So far I've only installed the plasticard base and may run a few more tests to find the best combination of paint colour and amount of Talcum Powder to use.

I've also spent a little time mulling over the position of two large trees. One feature of this line is that there are a number of large trees that were allowed to grow very close to the track. I want to add this feature to the layout. The problem I face is positioning the trees without them getting in the way of uncoupling wagons when using three link couplings. The two skeleton trees in the photo have been temporarlity positioned in what I think is the best position. I'll make the final decision after a few running sessions and once I've added more scenic detail.

There's still much to do to get the picture right but I feel like I've made some good progress.


Anonymous said...

I think this is looking really promising. I followed Chris Nevards technique for DAS for my yard area, tearing small pieces off and then smearing them into place. Whilst the material is still wet I use an old household 2 inch paintbrush that has been dampened and stipple the area vertically, this gives it a really subtle grain type of texture that can work for normal ground or a tarmac finish depending on the painting. I paint once dry with good quality house emulsion paint eg Farrow & Ball. Of the trees, the thicker one (to me) looks a little too close to the track, moving it to the right by an inch or two should still give you the proximity you need to allow view blocking and foliage application. Three link use and these trees 'in the way' shouldn't be a problem if you leave enough room to get your forearm in, and remember to wear short sleeved shirts! If you want to come across and mess about with the trees/practicality thought on Albion Yard, just let me know. brgds paul

Yan said...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions Paul. I've been steadily working on the Cottage and ground cover around the sidings since my last post so will be posting an update in the next couple of days. I agree that the trees do look close but this is a feature of the line. I'll see if I can scan a acouple of photos for inclusion in the next post.

I'll have to take you up on your offer of a visit, when would be suitable?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yan, seeing the scanned pics, go for it! They look unusual but, prototype for everything etc! they'll likely provide a talking point too!

Re meet, send me a msg to the blog, and I'll pick up the email and go from there,brgds