Monday, 1 August 2016

The clock is ticking

Only 208 modelling evenings before the Lincoln Show. This should be plenty but I'm starting to panic a little.

At the beginning of June I started with the best intention to really crack on with Tredethy. Unfortunately it's not turned out that way, a new pastime has grabbed my attention more than I expected. I'm now planning my days differently in the hope that I can claw back some lost time.

So during Sunday and early this morning I put in a few hours in the "Man Cave". I've solved a few issues with the track where there had been some random derailments as well as continuing the construction of the farm cottage and barn.

I think somewhere in a previous post I'd explained that for many years, after a failed attempt at scratch building Bodmin General's Weighbridge Office, I've been carrying a mental block about constructing buildings. So to get me started on the two I need for Tredethy, I chose two Wills kits. I'm building the cottage as a mirror image to the instructions that comes with the kit. This should enable it to fit well in its location on the layout. As for the barn, out of the box, its style is not very Cornish. When standing back and having a re-think I thought I could make a few minor alterations to suit its location on the layout. I moved the small door from the back to the side of the barn, along with replacing the timber walls with render and making the barn taller. I'm hopeful that his should bring it closer to what might be seen in Cornwall

Apart from the above, I'm only at the very early stages of constructing another rake of 8 clay wagons.

There is still much to do and the pressure is mounting...


nick cook said...

And what is your new pastime?

Yan said...

Hi Nick, It's ruining a good walk by hit a little white ball around a field... you must come over for a game sometime.