Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Just testing how things are looking

This evening, after adding a few bushes, weeds, and scenic bits at the cottage end of the layout, I thought I'd take a few pic's to see how it is starting to look when some rolling stock is added to the mix.

I'm not sure about the yellow flowers in the field, also I feel the grass texture in the field is looking a little flat but over it's begining to feel OK.


Geoff said...

Its all coming together nicely Yan, I would leave the yellow flowers for now, and see how they look when you've made more progress.

Yan said...

Thanks for the comment Geoff. The flowers have only been placed in the field so can be easily be removed or repositioned while other work is carried out. Ther is plantly of time for little bits like the to be added or not. Just need to get some more trees constructed and positioned which will change the look of things again.
Thanks again.

Richard Slipper said...

What sort of yellow flowers are they supposed to be? Sorry if that sounds pedantic but if the plant is meant to be something specific if it looks wrong it won't like right. If you see what I mean. They look ok on the photo.

PS: I've converted a loco and, surprisingly, it works. :-)

Yan said...

Hi Richard. At the moment the flowers are generic (very in P4) only placed to give some colour to the field. Don't think I have time before Lincoln Show to create what I would like to do with the fields so may have to stay generic. Still much work to do on Loco's, wagons, storage cassettes and checking running.