Saturday, 18 February 2017

Farmer and wharfinger (maybe his wife?)

Being regularly away from home for work has stopped me progressing Tredethy Wharf as much as I would have liked. This has had a major effect in the preparation of the layout for next weekend's Lincoln show. I'm hoping that what I've been able to achieve will be enough to show the layout and the Scalefour Society in a good light.

Anyway this week I decided to take with me a couple of figures to paint while staying in a hotel for work. After my colleagues had departed during the day on Wednesday, I found myself being "Billy no mates" for an evening, so I broke open the paints and splashed a bit about on the figures. After a quick dry brushing last night and a coat of matt varnish I think they are ready to be installed on the layout...


Richard Slipper said...

Surely they have names......??

Wondering whether to head to the Lincoln show next weekend. Will say hello if I do.

Hope goes well.

Yan said...

Hmmm... good point, will have to think of a couple of good Cornish names.

If you can make it next weekend it would be good to meet up. The show is at the Newark Showground.