Sunday, 19 February 2017

Test running session

Sunday afternoon saw the "Three Amigos" put the layout through its paces. There were a few gremlins dispatched by my compatriots and a couple left over for me to sort during the week. It was a productive afternoon.

Once I've sorted the final two gremlins the layout would seem to be almost ready for the weekend. That said, I don't consider it completed, I'll not get time during the week to do all that I would have liked. The extra bits are just that, extras that I doubt will be missed until added to the layout.

1 comment:

Bob said...

Tredethy Wharf looks rather attractive, Ian. I am looking forward to seeing it and of course you and your Amigos at the Lincoln Show at the Newark Showground this weekend. The Big Fella is taking me, so not sure which day as yet. Nothing changes with Steve's organisational skills....!