Friday, 12 February 2021

Rospeath Lane Blog

Dear all

I have posted a new entry called "Clamping and Gluing" on a new blog dedicated to my latest project, Rospeath Lane. If you would like to continue following my progress with the new project could I invite you over to:

Grogley Junction is mainly about creating a model base on the Bodmin to Wadebridge line and is therefor a mix of LSWR & GWR. Whereas Rospeath Lane is firmly ex GWR which made me feel that this was not the correct place to continue posts. Over the next few days I'll remove all posts relating to Rospeath Lane from these pages, they have already been migrated over to the new blog site.

This blog will be kept live as there may well be further posts regarding Tredethy Wharf.

Thank you all for following my ramblings and leaving comments which have all been gratefully received. Hope to see you all over on the new Rospeath Lane blog.

Regards, Ian

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