Saturday, 7 August 2010

A funny old few weeks

The last three weeks have been a funny mix.
  • Holidaying in a leaking tent.
  • Doing some more work on the garden project.
  • Painting and basing new elements for my 15mm Napoleonic Austrian army which were used for an inaugural game in my regular opponents new gaming room.
  • Track laying being started on Tredethy Wharf with the first point in position and the Tortoise point control mechanism in place under the baseboard (motor still to be installed).
  • Legs being constructed for the two scenic boards for Tredethy Wharf and nearly completed.
But.....during all the above I sprained my right wrist. At first it was not too bad and me being me, not wanting to make a fuss, I thought it would get better on its own. I tried to work though the discomfort until eventually, after a day's decorating, I could not do anything with my right hand........It has been strapped up in a splint for the last week. With hopefully only another week to go with the splint on, I'm doing what I can but it's being a little restrictive.

So very steady progress is being made on the layout but, at the moment, not enough to really shout about.

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Flymo said...

Good that you're cracking on with it though. Take it easy with a bit of fiddly modelling that doesn't need more than good eyesight.