Monday, 28 March 2011

Armchair Challenge (Part 4)

A brief update to report a little progress on the initial six wagons for the Scalefour Society's Challenge. The current state of affairs at the close of play this evening is shown below.........six 16 ton mineral wagons all in different stages of construction.

Two Parkside standard Dia. 1/108 with W irons attached can be seen at the back. Top left is an old Airfix kit Dia. 1/108 with a replacement floor fitted. On the left is a Cambrian Models LNER 16 ton mineral wagon. In the centre is a Parkside Dia. 1/109 riveted wagon. Scattered across the cutting mat is the next victim under the knife, a Parkside's slope sided wagon.

When the six bodies are completed I'll get back to the under-frames, hopefully plucking up courage to have a go at Exactoscale's chassis kit.


Mark Tatlow said...

I find that the sides of these injection moulded wagons have a tendancy to warp inwards a bit.

You may wish therefore to but a brace in the centre to counteract this?

Yan said...

I'd not heard of that before. Though I have heard comments about the difficulty in warping the sides of plastic wagons outwards to represent the warp on wooden wagons.