Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Extracts from Trains Illustrated (3) July - Dec 1960

August 1960 issue
"...on the Newquay branch: on June 18 the 7.50 a.m. Newquey-Manchester had a triple-unit combination of Type "4" No. D800 and Type "2s" Nos. D6311/24."

September 1960 issue
"....A correspondent returning from Cornwall in July writes that almost all passenger and parcels trains between Plymouth and Penzance are now diesel-powered, with the later N.B. Loco. Co. Type "2" diesel-hydraulic locomotives now in extensive use as pairs; he adds a further observation of a "Warship" on the Newquay branch, for he recorded No. D801, piloted by "Grange" No. 6816, heading away from the coast with a 15-coach load on the 10 a.m. Newquay-Paddington on July 2. Following last month's report of triple-heading on the Newquay branch, a reader writes that this practice is not uncommon in Cornwall nowadays, seemingly because of the use of Type "2" diesels in pairs. For example, a "Manor" is diagrammed to pilot the 8.55 a.m. (S0) Wolverhampton-Newquay and Penzance from Plymouth to Par; on July 2 this train was headed from Plymouth by a brace of Type "2s", and ahead of them was No. 7816. Some triple-heading is unpremeditated, of course. On July 16 one of two Type"2s" on the 1.20 p.m. Penzance-Paddington failed on Hayle bank: a pannier tank was summoned from Gwinear Road to give assistance as far as Redruth, where it gave place to a "Manor" No. 7813, which triple-headed the diesels, Nos. D6306/9, on to Plymouth....."

December 1960 issue
"...on September 1, Standard Class "4" 2-6-0 No, 76018 was an unusual visitor to North Cornwall; it was sent down from Yeovil to Exmouth Junction to work a Civil Engineer's special to Bude and back, after which it returned to Salisbury on September 3."

I have a soft spot for Standard Class 4 2-6-0s I think it stems from building an Airfix kit in my early 'teens'. Does the last entry allow me to develop the thought that I could justify one running further down the NCR line on an engineers train..? I'd like to think so...

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Richard Slipper said...

Undoubtedly! Who needs an excuse?