Monday, 9 April 2012

Power is installed

I've not posted any blog entries during the last couple of months due to the many projects I have on the go for both my model railway and wargaming hobbies. Trouble is I don't seem to be making much progress on any of them worthy of an entry in either blog. However, during the Easter break, I'd promised myself that I'd find enough time to complete the wiring of my little control panel for Tredethy Wharf and hopefully get something moving on the layout.

The only problem I had with the wiring was working out which two of the three tabs to use on the 9v DC socket. The 9v supply is supplying the power for the point motor circuits in the control panel. The first attempt seemed correct on the bench when tested with the multimeter but in practice did not supply any juice to the point motors. Eventually the fault was traced back to the socket and after some head scratching it was sorted. I've not installed any electromagnets on the layout yet but do intend to experiment with some hands free couplings. To this end I have installed five push buttons on the control panel including all wiring between control panel and the layout. Well there are only four at the moment as I ruined one with a little over zealous soldering.

After running the loco up and down for a while I found a few little gremlins to sort out. To banish one gremlin might require the re-laying of track at the far end where I've installed a continuous check rail. If I do need to re-lay this section I'll use copperclad sleepers next time. All of this section will be buried under road and a dirt track between two buildings so in hindsight the used of ply sleepers and chairs on this section was a little extravagant.

I feel a little happier after my efforts this weekend, but I'm also a little frustrated that it has taken so long to get this little layout to this stage... Anyway, onwards and upwards, I'll keep pecking away at it and one day I might even finish it...


Flymo said...

Well, you've got something running! That's an achievement in itself. I know how long it has taken me to get to that point.

And there's nothing more satisfying hat just having a locomotive trundling backwards and forwards a few inches to while away the stresses of the day.


David Smith said...

Welcome back. I have been looking forward to watching your developments on building the layout.

James said...

Great stuff!

Regardless of scale, gauge, era it's always satisfying to get something running! Even more so when you've built the track yourself too!

Yan said...

Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated

ricardo said...

My goodness,Ian-reading the text makes me even more concious of the effort & planning involved in this sort of project.I had realised it wasnt a doddle when upstairs at yours.I still have all my Meccano (masses of it,actually)& quite honestly,dont think I could rise to a higher level than this!Heh,heh!See you soon!Richard M.