Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lighting pelmet takes shape

I'd been hoping to get all major construction work on the baseboards finished before the cooler evenings set in but I seem to be gradually running out of time. That said the lighting pelmet is coming together quite nicely.

When I started building Tredethy Wharf I had no real intention of exhibiting the layout, it was only intended as a test track, however I have been persuaded. As it will be making its first outing in May next year, thought has been focused as to how it would be best to present it. Having constructed the scenic baseboards without ends to hide the off stage sidings I've added  these to the fiddle yard baseboards. This gave me the idea that if these were strong enough I could use these end pieces to support a lighting pelmet, rather then hang the pelmet off L shaped supports from the back of the layout.

The pelmet has been constructed in two halves to follow the curve of the baseboard front. They are both longer then each scenic board so that they can be bolted to the end supports on the fiddle yard baseboards.

At the moment it is only clamped to the fiddle yard ends with no joint/connection in the middle. I'm surprised that there is no sag in the centre which might mean I could use a couple of Toggle Catches to hold the two halves together at the join.

I not sure if my construction techniques are up to much but so far I'm pleased with the result.


Bob said...

Superb ! You are moving on and the pelmet looks great.

Don't worry about exhibition comments; the current layout had a pelmet for the Grantham exhibition and received two comments. One said it was too low, the other that it was too high !

For the second exhibition at Burton in 2010, the velcro (yes, really) gave way and I abandoned the idea !

Dave Keeler said...

Great to see that you are moving on.

Where are you booked to appear ?

Yan said...

Hi Dave, It's booked for the Cleethorpes Show, May 10th & 11th.