Sunday, 13 October 2013


A while ago I'd read a post on the Albion Yard blog about buckets so went ahead and purchased some etches thinking they would come in very useful. For some reason this evening, after a good day working in the garage, I thought I needed a little challenge and set about soldering one of the buckets together. Jumping in at the deep end I ignored the straight sided bucket and went for the, potentially more difficult, slope-sided example.

Surprisingly it was not too difficult. The handle was the hardest part but after summoning a bucket full of 'patience' I eventually had something that would 'hold water'!

For my first attempt at soldering something so small I'm well pleased... I've just started painting the 1/76 scale chap in the picture but thought including him might help with getting the comparative scale of the 1/72 bucket. The etch is in the background.

For more information go to Brengun where, on page four of their 1/72 accessories section, you should find the buckets along with a good looking tool set. On page three, of this section of their e-shop, there is also a very nice looking bike etch.

I have no connection with Brengun apart from being a very satisfied customer.

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