Sunday 23 August 2020

An itch that might need scratching (3)

This one is still bubbling away, not quite mature enough yet but it's certainly up for consideration as a project to replace Tredethy Wharf.

Since my last blog (An Itch that might need scratching (2)),  I've been trying to make an acceptable track plan. Using the previously mentioned Railway Modeller article as a starting point I'm hoping the result below is not too far fetched from reality as a potential GWR Branch Line Terminus

Though I've made a couple of minor tweaks to the time table mention in the previous blog this design should fit the bill nicely.

Buildings will primarily be kits modified from the Ratio and Wills ranges. I'll also be making use of Petite Properties and Scalescenes products for some of the non-railway buildings. The plan above shows that I've allowed some buildings to lie over baseboard joints. My thinking is that these buildings will be removable and when in place will help to disguise the baseboard joints. I took the decision to moved the Dairy to the opposite side to that proposed in the magazine article to help hid the exit off the layout under the road bridge. To reduced space and to make track building a "tad" interesting there is one single slip plus one double slip in the arrangement.

I still need to thrash out ideas for the fiddle yard but I think overall the layout should work well. If built it will definitely give me plenty of operation interest, at home and at exhibitions, way beyond those I currently have with Tredethy Wharf.

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