Sunday 15 January 2023

Reorganising my blog posts

I've been wondering what to do about this blog for some time. Even though, after our move up to Cumbria, I have a "Man Cave" that could accommodate Grogley Junction my thoughts and ideas have moved on. I was also wondering what to do with my Tredethy Wharf web site. This Web site had no blog element and was coming up for renewal. I 'd already started a separate blog for my engine shed project, Rospeath Lane and there could be a new exhibition layout project started in the very near future. There are also my Wargaming blog, Panzers and Muskets along with a very old Shanks Pony blog about walking the Coast to Coast. As I'm now living in Cumbria and hope to tackle a few fell walks I might use this last blog to record my efforts. 

So what to do? Should I combine all my hobbies into one blog? My thought was this could get very unwieldy and some readers might not want to read about all my projects. So I've made the decision to create separate blogs for each project and put links on each to each of the others. In doing so I've been able to create pages on the Tredethy Wharf to mimic my Web site.

So Grogley Junction blog will stay live as there might be some useful information. To create the new blogs I'm extracting relevant blog entries from this blog into each of the new ones. Then moving forward I'll only post entries in the each of the project blogs.

Until things settle down with adding historical blogs to each of the new blogs the title of the most recent on the links might not be the most recent entry by date stamp. Over me this should correct itself.

Many thanks for all support and comments that have been left on this blog. I do hope you find the time to link to the new blogs and follow the ones that have you have an interest in. 

Hope that all makes some sense...

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