Monday, 30 May 2011

Another first for a new boy

Soldering white metal kits may not be difficult for some but for a new boy like myself it is a daunting prospect. Having read many tales of white metal kits being destroyed by soldering irons I was reluctant to have a go myself. Then on the other hand I read that soldering white metal kits is the best option.... So 'have a go' I thought, 'I must', but the question was on what?

I'd previously used super-glue to fix the brass brake safety loops in place onto the white metal brake castings. This was a little fiddly due to the super-glue taking a little while to go off. So I thought I'd try my hand at soldering the safety loops. Thinking if I make a hash of it I've only lost a small, easily replaced, component in a brake gear casting.

So equipping myself with what I think is the right gear: Antex White Metal Master soldering Iron; Carr's yellow flux; and Carr's 70 solder, I got stuck in.

And the results are......

Not over tidy but I'm pleased with them....

This was an easy task with an instant result and no disasters that has given me some confidence to go a little further. It is going to take me a little while to sum up the courage to tackle a white metal loco kit but a white metal wagon kit could be a good stepping stone...... Another small hurdle crossed.


Flymo said...

Very smart...

A couple of tips (although you may be doing this already:

- tinning the brass component with ordinary solder, like Carrs 145 or 179 will help the low-melt solder "flow" onto the part more easily.

- give the whitemetal a good clean with a fibreglass brush before applying flux. It really is a PITA for developing corrosion very quickly.

Good luck with the wagon building. Just don't try a D&S one as your first kit, or you'll see your pension melt in front of your eyes!

Jeff Thompson said...

Good on you, Yan. You're braver than me. I'm okay soldering track and wiring but the thought of putting an iron near a white metal loco kit makes me go weak at the knees.

Really enjoying your blog.