Sunday, 8 May 2011

Off the radar

I've been off the radar for a while, not checked any blogs or RMWeb forums nor progressed anything relating to Tredethy Wharf. All because, a few weeks ago, I asked a question of the little lady and she said 'Yes'....... then........ we decided to put my house up for sale with the aim of moving into a house that we can call ours once the deed is done. I also realised that I'm running out of time to prepare myself for a little saunter from St. Bees to Robin Hoods Bay that is coming up in June. These events and realisations have set a few things in motion that have taken up a lot of spare time recently, but today I had a day off, playing trains, at the Cleethorpe's Model Railway Show.

Gordon's P4 layout 'Fish Dock Road' was booked for this year's Cleethorpes show. It is a two day event and I had volunteered to help out on the Sunday. Fish Dock Road is essentially a very compact shunting puzzle with the setting inspired by Grimsby's Fish Docks.

The layout drew a lot of local interest with many people passing on memories of the docks, the workings of the fish trade and the fish trains. I learnt a lot.

For me, one other layout that stood out at at the show was a finescale OO interpretation of the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway:

Ashamedly I'm not over-familiar with the tramway nor with the area apart from travelling through/past Wisbech on business. The layout had a nice feel, a good consistent standard of modelling throughout. After a little research on the Web this evening the layout seems to represent the area well. Apparently it is going to be featured in a forthcoming edition of one of the Railway Magazines. Well deserved I feel.

With my hovel on the market I'm under orders to keep things a little tidier. This has meant Tredethy has been dismantled and stacked in a corner of the garage along with numerous boxes. Should be able to concentrate on wagons and loco conversions during the next few months so hope it wont be too long before my next post.


Flymo said...

Congratulations! I hope that you have many happy years together.

If there was a table of excuses for not modelling, the one that you have comes pretty near the top :-)


Bob said...

Congratulations from G and me !!

I went to the 7mm NGA bash on Saturday and offered the new layout for next year's 'do' which will actually be on 9th June 2012. As Steve is not free, I was going to ask ...... but you may be otherwise engaged !!

Kind regards to you both.


Geoff said...

Congratulations to you both from from me as well Yan.

I wondered where you had got to :)

Best Wishes,


Yan said...

Thank you guys. Life at the moment is very good. Date has been set for later this year so..... Bob.... 'I'm free' in June next year.

James said...


I hope your new place has a nice railway room! ;-)