Monday, 14 November 2016


I took a day out to visit the Spalding show on Sunday. This was for two reasons: firstly to try and encourage a close friend, who is trying to make a start in the hobby, in making a decision about what to build; secondly to see Gordon and Maggie Gravett's Pempoul.

On the first, I think there was a modicum of success. My friend is looking to build an N gauge layout. This meant much of the visit was spent discussing the different merits of what was on show in that scale. We met up with two of the old Mablethorpe and District MRC gang who offered their advice which was duly taken on board. I think the light bulb moment for my friend was after good chat with Ray Slack operating Bodmin, coupled with his kind invitation to to get behind the layout to see how the layout was constructed and operated. My friend may need a little help in layout design and operation along with a gentle push but I could see the cogs starting to whir.

On the second I'll let the following photos speak for themselves

Not the best photos that have been taken of this superb piece of 3D artwork. Pempoul was not the only layout on show worth admiring but for me it was best in show.

On arriving home I was able to spend some time in the "Man Cave" to make a little more progress on Tredethy Wharf. So overall an excellent day...

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