Friday, 28 October 2011

Extracts from Trains Illustrated magazine (1) Jan - June 1960

Modelling time since the Leatherhead show has been a little limited but progress is slowly being made on a few more wagons. I've also been thinking hard about attempting to build my first loco chassis. I hope to post blog entries of progress of these tasks soon.

One other thing I have been doing is off loading a few duplicate copies MRJs and GWRJs on ebay, the proceeds of which have been put towards purchasing copies of Trains Illustrated. So far I've focused my purchases on 1960/1 looking for any information that might be relevant for my twist on history for Grogley Junction. Train workings and engine movements in and around Bodmin, Wadebridge, Newquay, St. Blazey and along the NCR.

For anyone that might be interested the first few entries that I've found are copied out below.....

February 1960 magazine
"A possibly unprecedented incursion into W.R territory by an S.R, engine was reported on December 18 (1959), when Cless “N” 2-6-0 No 31846 (72A) headed a 12:45 p.m. special Freight from Tavistock Junction, Plymouth to St. Austell; after servicing at St. Blazey, the “foreigner” returned light to Friary shed."

"Three W.R. pannier tanks Nos. 4666/94 and 9756 are now allocated to Exmouth Junction and Nos. 3633/79 are at Wadebridge."

April 1960 magazine
"On each Sunday in February and the first Sunday in March the Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash was closed for maintenance work and through passenger traffic between Devon and Cornwall by this route was interrupted. Passengers were conveyed across the Tamar by bus. On the first Sunday at least the 1130 a.m. up freight and the 12.35 and 5.40 p.m. milk from Penzance were booked to travel via Bodmin and Wadebridge on to the S.R. route via Launceston and Okehampton. The morning freight was hauled throughout by N.B. Loco Type “2” diesel-hydraulic unit No. D6304, which had to run round its train both at Bodmin General and at Wadebridge. Two “45xx” 2-6-2 tanks brought the first milk train into Wadebridge, where it was taken over by S.R. Class “N” 2-6-0 Nos. 31834/8 sent down light that morning from Exmouth Junction. Two more 2-6-0s were despatched from Exmouth for the second milk train, but this was able to take its normal route owing to early completion of the work at Saltash and the pair of 2-6-0s when home jobless."

At Eastleigh "….....also Beattie 2-4-0 well tank No. 30586, which was receiving a general overhaul although it is believed listed for withdrawal this year."

June 1960 magazine
"The first Birmingham R.C. &W. Co. three-car diesel multiple-unit for the Western Region, Nos W59302/17 and 59469, arrived at the Harwell Street diesel depot, Plymouth early in April and was put on to crew-training between Plymouth and Truro. As reported on page 233 of our April issue, the Birmingham order is for 15 three-car sets similar to the suburban railcars already delivered to the W.R. by Derby works, the principal difference between the two varieties being that the Birmingham version has lavatory accommodation in the centre trailer."

"From April 11 a daily duty over Par-Newquay line was added to the Laira diagrams for pairs of N.B. Loco Co. Type “2” diesel-hydraulic locomotives. The only jobs performed singly by the N.B. Loco Co. units are banking duties and one afternoon and evening trip from Plymouth to Exeter via Okehampton and back."

Hope this is of interest to someone, I will post more relevant entries as I discover them.