Monday, 18 November 2013

The Garage (progress report)

I think I'd better come clean....Due to the impending Fostering panel meeting and the thought we may be approved, we drafted in help with this conversion. This has given the project a tremendous kick and we are now well on the way to finishing the room.

Since the last update...

Over a previous weekend we fixed plasterboard to one wall and ceiling leaving me to complete the insulation during weekday evenings.

Garage door end

Rear wall
During the following weekend, while we were away in Edinburgh for a belated break, helping hands plasterboarded the remaining walls and two end walls where skimmed leaving me to complete the roof hatches. During this last weekend the ceiling and two side walls have been skimmed.

Garage door end
A little 'snot' on the floor to clear up when dry
You could say job almost done, but we've been having thoughts about the floor...

Initially I was planning to using gym floor matting, as a covering for the concrete floor, but I've ended up with a couple of sheets of one inch Celotex insulation left over. Rather than discard them we've been thinking how to use them and the floor became a likely spot. Not to add an extra layer of insulation at floor level while the garage is empty would seem to me to be an opportunity missed. So next weekend, the plan is to, screw battens to the floor at 400mm centres with the insulation laid between them, finishing off with 18mm tongue and grooved chipboard floor boarding. Shame I'd not thought of this sooner as I could have laid cable for underfloor heating!

When the floor is in place the electrics can be finished; skirting board installed; architrave added around window, door frame and loft hatches;  the room will then be painted, and a workbench built. Once extra security is installed in the door and possibly some cheap carpet laid, I'll be able to move in and get back to working on Tredethy Wharf.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Garage (Modelling Room) update

Thought I'd bore you all with what I've been up to in the garage during the last couple of weeks. Rather than trying to verbalise progress, a picture story board might be more interesting...

Stud panelling complete along one side wall

Starting on the other side wall

Tanking slurry finally finished on pillars and around window and door reveals

Late finish last Saturday evening. It's not a garage any more! (Though the side door and window stud wall panels need finishing). Extra noggins have been installed in the end wall to help with the fitting of a work bench.

After a tidy-up the following day, I moved the strip lights onto the end walls ready for fixing plasterboard to the ceiling. (Garage door end)

The garage has not been this empty since I moved in. (Rear wall end)

Wickes had their 100mm Celotex on offer so, a little earlier than planed, I have all the insulation for the walls in the garage. I can work around the inconvenience of the early purchase if it potentially saves me £150.00.

Two side wall stud panels insulated. Installing wall insulation has been brought forward in the project. I thought this was the best place for the Celotex rather that tripping over it while working on the ceiling.

Well that's the current state of play.

Due to the Wickes offer I've got a little ahead of myself as not all stud walls are complete. So the plan for this weekend is to: finish the window stud panel; fix the side door and window stud panels into position, and install the plasterboard ceiling. I'll then continue with insulating the walls during weekday evenings.

If I manage to finish the ceiling by Sunday evening it should start to feel more like a room rather than a garage...