Thursday, 28 December 2017

How about some cattle and a dog

One would think that after painting hundreds of wargaming figures I'd be able to quickly pick up a brush and get a number of figures completed for a Brake Van Special. Well it's not been that easy as at some point I seem to have lost my mojo for painting figures. So thought I'd try to break back into figure painting by having a go at cattle.

I always intended to have a small herd of cattle in the field on the left, just to add a little more interest at that end of the diorama. Trouble is, I didn't want the standard Black and White Friesian cattle that seem to be most prevalent across the UK. A little research has shown Guernseys are also present in Cornwall so the below have been painted to represent this breed of dairy cattle. They've not been installed on the layout yet as I'm waiting for a delivery of Testors Dullcote. My can of spray varnish seems to have expired since it as last used.

The cattle are from Langley Miniatures and, in my opinion, are nice castings. Hope they are a good portrayal of Guernseys.

At the Lincoln Show it was mentioned that Tom could do with a dog. Well 'why not' I thought, and in using a model from the Dart Castings range I'm hoping it now looks like Tom has a Border Collie by his side. I've mused over many names for Tom's best friend and finally decided on "Pip".

So we have Tom and Pip being distracted by Nancy Trevorrow, the Wharfinger. The question still to be resolved is whether Tom and Nancy are husband and wife?!

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Polbrock Engine Shed Building

During lunch breaks (whenever I've manage to grab one) I've been attempting to draw the main engine shed building for Polbrock. This is following on from the idea proposed at Octobers Area Group meeting that I could create a master of one wall section and cast subsequent sections. Also be able to use one of the members Silhouette cutters to cut out other bespoke sections out of platic card.

Below is the current drawing.

I'm planning on using the water tank from the Dapol kit which has fixed the dimension for the building underneath. Before committing to cutting plasticard I'll print the drawing and mount on card to test size and fit to a full size Templot track plan.

For one who's not scratch built buildings before, big project, me thinks... Smaller building to cut teeth on, Panawan would be wise.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

BR Class 03 at Tredethy Wharf

A new addition:

BR Class 03 where briefly used on the Wenford Branch when they replaced the WR 1366 locos and before Class 08s took over haulage along the branch.

A couple of years ago I'd purchased a High Level Chassis kit along with Gibson wheels and all the bits to build a chassis for an 03. Though I'm being told that High Level kits go together very well, with instructions that are second to none, I still feel this kit might be a step too far for me at this moment in time. This is mainly due to the fact that I've not yet completing a simple 0-6-0 chassis successfully.  So, I was very pleased when one of our local area group (Clive Impey) offered to build the chassis for me. Clive embellished the kit with his preferred method of current collection which is  split axles.

The loco requires renumbering along with some very light weathering to tone down the paint work of the Bachmann body, even so, I'm over the moon with this seeing this little loco running on Tredethy Wharf.

Thanks Clive...