Monday, 30 June 2014

More excuses for lack of progress with Tredethy Wharf

Well... I must continue to apologise for the lack of posts during the first half of 2014. As an explanation all I can offer is you read my wife's blog.

The above link should show you postings relating to the work we're doing on the holiday cottage next door. They don't show all the work that's been taking place just an overview. We've started using tradesmen where we can for a few reasons, the first is because it is taking us too long to do all the work ourselves, (I've only been able to apply myself to short stints during weekday evenings with a few more hours at weekends but with delays due to unforeseen problems as well as weekend Fostering placements we were getting way behind schedule); the second is that the tradesmen will do a better job; and thirdly there are some jobs I'm not up to doing.

The current arrangement with a decorator is a bit on the loose side, when he is available he is working along side us. We hold a quick site meeting in the mornings (before I leave for the paid job) during which we catch up on the state of play and plan what each of us can do next. I'm currently concentrating on the utility room as well as doing a lot of the very basic prep work in each room, leaving the final touches to the professional.

We can't believe all the work that has been involved to get this cottage back up to an acceptable spec. It was certainly not a wreck when we started but it was in serious need of some TLC and tidying up but we're very pleased with the way the new kitchen is starting to look.

Bespoke kitchen with oak worktops and renovated table and chairs
Fridge/freezer and Larder unit with microwave inside
Spiral Staircase
There is still plenty to do in the rest of the house but it's starting to come together. We think there are only about two weeks of work left before the woman's touches can be applied to make it presentable.