Factual History

Potted history of the North Cornwall Line and the Bodmin to Wadebridge Line.

(Italicised text are Acts of Parliament or events that were proposed but did not happen).

1848 - LSWR took control of the Bodmin & Wadebridge Railway

1862 - China Clay traffic started to be carried between Wenford Bridge and Wadebridge. It was also proposed during this year that the Ruthern Bridge branch be extended to serve a proposed tin mine at Withiel.

1864 - Launceston, Bodmin & Wadebridge Junction Railway obtained an Act of parliament for the construction of a line from Launceston to Wenfordbridge. Also a second act to extend the line from Ruthernbridge to Truro and change its name to Central Cornwall Railway.

1865 - Bodmin and Wadebridge railways track was relayed using second-hand rail from LSWR.

1865 - The Bodmin and Wadebridge act of this year also contain permission to realign the Wenford line involving several crossings of the River Camel and the junction at Dunmere also the construction of a south to east curve near Grogley to accommodate through traffic.

1873 - Two proposed lines. One was to extend from Wenford to Delabole slate quay. The second was an extension from Ruthernbridge to join the Cornish Minerals Railway being built between Fowey and Newquay. Part of the plan was the construction of a south to east curve at Grogley to avoid reversal of trains.

1879 - Further relaying of track. (Why and where not currently known).

1880 - The GWR tried to promote a route from Fowey through to Ruthernbridge and on to Delabole with the aim to capture the clay and slate traffic and transport it to Fowey

1882 - The Mid Cornwall Railway proposed a to link St. Dennis via St. Columb to Padstow but was defeated in the House of Lords.

1882 - In August North Cornwall Railway with the backing of the LSWR obtained an Act to build a line from Halwill through Launceston to Wadebridge and Padstow. The eventual plans were to extend the line to Newquay or Truro, these aspirations ended when a truce was declared with the GWR in 1896-7.

1886 - An agreement drawn up between the LSWR, Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway and the GWR to control GWR access to Wadebridge. The LSWR were to rebuild the B&WR including a new station at Wadebridge

1888 - (3rd Sept.) GWR completed the extension from Bodmin to Boscarne.

1895 - LSWR arrived at Wadebridge after the opening of the Delabole to Wadebridge section of the North Cornwall Railway on the 1st June.

1963 - (1st Jan.) All control of the B&WR passed from the SR to the WR.

1964 - (June) Bodmin North passenger service reduced to a shuttle service between Bodmin North and Boscarne Junction.

1964 - (24th July) Freight service withdrawn at Bodmin North station.

1966 - (18th April) Boscarne Exchange platform closed. Passenger trains from Bodmin General reversed at Boscarne Junction to reach Bodmin North before continuing to Wadebridge.

1966 - (1st October) North Cornwall Line closed.

1967 - (30th January) Passenger service ceased between Wadebridge and Bodmin North.

1978 - Freight service ceased at Wadebridge

1983 - (3rd Ocober) Wenfordbridge line closed.