Saturday, 4 March 2017

Tredethy Wharf at Lincoln show 2017

Last weekend was an excellent experience on a number of fronts.

Firstly for the help I received from Gordon prior to the show and during. Also from a good friend, Nick, who travelled from near Ilkley just to play trains on the Saturday before nipping to Derby to visit his son. He enjoyed the show so much he called in on Sunday morning on his way home to offer help for a few hours. To both I offer my sincere thanks.

Secondly for the organisation of the show. From setting up on the Friday to leaving on the Sunday I cannot fault Alan and Nigel for their help and organisation (along with the friendly banter). May the show grow.

Thirdly my thanks to all the people who stopped to have a chat. I think this was the icing on the cake and what made the weekend a truly excellent experience. Not just because of the kind comments but because people took the time to stop, look and try to appreciate what I was trying to achieve with the layout. This is something that I have not done enough when visiting shows as a member of the public, I must change that in the future.

One couple kindly gave the two characters on the layout names, the Wharfinger is now Nancy, the farmer is Tom. One surname proposed by Nick is Trevorrow. So Nancy Trevorrow it is, just need to decide whether Tom is her husband or neighbour.

My only regret from the weekend was not being able to fully appreciate the other layouts at the show. Though Diesels in the Duchy was very close by I was able to sneak off a couple of times to take in this excellent layout.

A few pics of Tredethy Wharf taken over the weekend.

Overall view of Tredethy Wharf

A very busy Wharf

Wharf close up

Tom and Nancy

A less busy wharf towards the end of the show.
Show outcomes:
Apart from building up my own loco roster, Beattie Well tank is a must, other outcomes from the show are:
1) The layout requires more storage cassettes,
2) One point needs looking at as it stopped working,
3) A few wagons need looking at due to poor performance,

Other work required on the layout will include:
1)  The installation of auto-uncouplers and finally decide on type of couplings,
2) I'm not sure about the back screen. Might look at creating one the wraps around the corners and is continuous which will remove that join line,
3) I'd always had plans for a couple more trees and still think they are needed,
4) Tom requires a dog,
5) Some live stock are required at the right hand side of the layout, not many just enough to add a little cameo.

Item one on the "other work" list is because I became very aware that shunting wagons in the wharf meant standing in front of the public and blocking their view. Oh... and operating three link couplings while being watched gave me the willies, the result is often pulling a wagon off the track after ten attempts at coupling the darn thing :-).

So enough to get on with and keep me busy for a while.