Sunday, 8 February 2009

Signal Box

Another discovery.......looks like this could be the signal box for Boscarne.

This is a Ratio kit that I started may years ago for what layout I cannot remember. I've also started to fit a Wills Interior kit but not put the instrument shelf in yet. Still got all the extra bits to fit though. One finial is broken but that can happen in real life, so not too bothered about that. I cannot remember how I fashioned the landing nor why but does require finishing and painting.

Hummm......16 lever frames is that enough for Boscarne?


James said...

The Ratio box seems to provide a wonderful basis for a 'box - you're making an excellent job with it! Adding an interior always brings 'boxes to life too!


Yan said...

This was put together some years ago just hope I can pick up where I left off. Thanks for the encouragement, much appreciated.