Thursday, 9 April 2009

Scalefour North 2009

What can I say ...... most enjoyable day spent at Scalefour North last Sunday.

I meet a good friend from the Mablethorpe club days, Nick Cook, who has been trying to convince me to convert to P4 for many years. We were both impressed by the demonstration and layouts that used DCC control. Not only because of the addition of sound but also for the control of the locos. After chatting to Digitrans guys it definitely looks as if this will be the way to go, if purse strings will allow. It was also good to meet Roger from the Craven Area Group, and James of Eastmoor and the Botanic Gardens fame. I must not forget the North Lincs Area Group. Gordon and the guys gave me a warm welcome at my first Area Group meeting and were there with Clive Impey's Milton layout.

Purchases made included a P4 Track Company point kit, and some full thickness plywood sleepers. I was encouraged by being told that they know of a number of modellers that use the ply sleepers with plastic chairs and no rivets. Just proves that I'm not doing anything new. And thanks to Gordon for reminding me to purchase some coupling rods from Bill Bedford for my first P4 loco conversion.

The only layout I'd seen before was Sheep Pasture and still think it is a fascinating layout beautifully modelled and presented.

It was the first time I'd seen Bramblewick in the flesh, and I wasn't disappointed. Its a real piece of artistry, a complete moving picture. I've uploaded a few photos below. But I was impressed by all the layouts on show: Almwick with the quality of PW and ballasting; Nottingham Goods; Newham Goods; Western Road Diesel Depot; and Milton. They all added to the quality on show and provided plenty inspiration. Just a pity I didn't take many decent photos of all these layouts. Taking photos without flash shows my shaky hands, need to invest in a tripod for the next show.

I have been in awe of P4 modellers for years. Ventured to ScaleFour North before and always thought I can't achieve what these guys are doing to the point of being put off from trying. Now I have decided to take the plunge into P4 and, though still in awe of the standards on show, with the support being offered I am hopeful I might achieve an acceptable standard. All the guys at the show were willing to talk to the new guy and the help on offer seems limitless. If anyone is considering converting to P4 I would highly recommend going along to one of the Scalefour exhibitions and talk to the exhibitors, demonstrators and traders.

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Flymo said...

It's a lot easier in P4 than you might think. It will never be "shake the box" modelling, but most of us would never want that anyway...

One thing that you can be certain of is that there will be plenty of people around to help you with starting out. Come on in, the water's lovely!