Thursday, 15 October 2009

I'm still alive

No progress to report on this project but I think I can see light at the end of the decorating tunnel. I've booked most of next week as holiday so should have most of the rooms finished by the end of the week.

Adding to the above madness I've been honoured by my girlfriend. She has decided that she can put up with me and there is a lot to put up with :-). I am very happy. We are in the process of trying to reoganising and package two houses into one. Not an easy task especially as we have made the crazy decision to move into the smallest house. As mine is not very big I'm loosing the garage to storage boxes. Hope to have a little space left for baseboard construction. The rest of this month is going to be interesting.

On top of all this my Mum ends up in hospital with a broken leg.

The above, highlighting my lack of time (or is that mis-management of spare time) combinded with loosing space, has started me to rethink my P4 project. I can now see that Grogley Junction is a couple years away from being started. Boscarne Wharf might now be a tad too big for my current situation. Too soon for a final desision on that but I am becoming more interested in micro/shunting puzzle layouts. At least as a starter to practice P4 skills. The important thing is I get something started soon and stop thinking about it.

More to follow soon when life settles down to some sort of normality.


Andy in Germany said...

I have times like that- in fact I sometimes the last three years of model railwaying have been more 'change of plan' than anything else.

Iain Robinson said...

Congratulations, Yan. It all sounds good to me! Good luck with the reorganisations.


Flymo said...

Hearty congratulations! I hope that you are both extremely happy in the future together.

My wife and I did the living together thing earlier this year, after more than a year of married life at opposite sides of the country. We found it relatively easy, and the local charity shops did very well out of us.

I still find space for modelling (although time is the real problem).

On the modelling thing, I've been recently given good advice by Mark Tatlow to build a quick, small test track cum layout, so I've dug the Iain Rice books out and had a quick shuftie at those. I'll post something myself on this soon.

This weekend the Scalefour Committee is having an Awayday to discuss future plans so no modelling done again though :-(

Yan said...

Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.

Its been a manic couple of weeks getting things sorted, houses painted, rented and of course moving. We are still walking on boxes as we gradually unpack. Must be always the case in these situations that Charity shops benefit greatly. We are also getting ready for a week away, away from the mess to recharge our batteries for some more sorting. You never know I might be able to get back into the garage in six months time.