Thursday, 26 November 2009

21-11-09 An evening to remember

I'm sorry this is not a railway related posting and hopefully I will not be offending too many people as I realise this is not everyone's taste in music.

Saturday 21-11-09 six of us trolled off to Leeds to see Skunk Anansie for bit of a music anniversary and a birthday celebration.

10 years ago (10th October 1999) I 'corrupted' my two offspring by taking them to a Skunk Anansie gig at the Town and Country Club in Leeds. Amazingly Muse were the support act that night. Previously I'd taken them to a V Festival and they'd also been to see Bryan Adams, Take That and a few other stadium type gigs but not to, what I would call, a proper gig. A small, standing only, hot and sweaty gig were bands make contact with the whole audience and perform with passion/attitude. In the years that have followed they have both commented that it was that gig that really turned them on to music and seeing bands live. Both have been to countless gigs of this type since plus numerous festivals and it still ranks in their top 10 best gigs/acts seen live.

For those that have not heard of Skunk Anansie they were, in the 90s, a top selling Alternative Rock band. They recorded three platinum selling albums and had good chart success with 14 single releases. The band were named, in 2004, as one of the most-successful UK chart acts between 1952-2003 with a total of 141 weeks on both the singles and album charts. They split in 2001.

We have seen Skin, the vocalist, as a solo artist a couple of times since 2001 and my partner was well impressed. When I heard that Skunk were reforming and playing at the O2 Academy in Leeds (The old Town and Country Club) the week of my son's 24 birthday, I had to get tickets.

I was concerned that after 10 years they would not have cut the mustard or that I was excepting too much and building up the gig too much. I should not have worried as it was an excellent gig. With all things considered, this being an anniversary for the three of us, the first Skunk gig for my partner along with my partner's daughter and son's girlfriend who all thought they were awesome, along with the meal and drinks before the gig, it was possibly one of, if not the best gig, I've been to in 30 years. My son even passed the comment that it was the best birthday present ever. A memorable night, big smiles all round.

Video clips are gradually appearing on YouTube and below are a couple of links. As always with these clips quality of sound is very suspect and the view is from the balcony not the same as that from the floor. They give a good impression but don't quite capture the atmosphere.

Compelation from the Leeds gig, Skin literally walking on the audience.

Skin climbing the lighting rig and working the crowd on the balcony.

New track 'Because of you' live at Leeds

Welcome back Skunk Anansie. New album out in Feb. 2010.

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