Saturday, 2 October 2010

On a different scale

I've just spent a interesting day helping a friend with his layout at a small show in Aylsham, Norwich. His usual partner in crime was otherwise engaged so I was drafted in to help.

His layout is called Winterschlef-Rhb and is based on the Engadine line in Switzerland. The scale is 1:45 (Continental O) with track gauge set at 22.5mm to represent Swiss metre-gauge track. All buildings are scratch built and are based on structures either on the line or in the vicinity.

Interestingly for me is that he has recently converted the layout from DC to DCC. I can see the potential for adding operational interest on layouts larger than my Tredethy Wharf. Also, the ease of use and extra features that DCC can bring ...... hmmmm .... it's not something I can justify the investment on at the moment but will definitely have to consider it in the future.

PS - I do apologise for the spelling and grammatical errors previously in this posting. My only excuse is that it had been a long day with a 5:15 alarm call!


Anonymous said...

Ian, I must have looked at you, walked past several times and never realised you were there!!
It would have been good to say hello!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ian didn't identify myself in last post. Richard Slipper, Norwich. The Nanslor Railway.

Yan said...

That is such a shame we missed each other. I would have been good to have said hello.

Anonymous said...

We've just used DCC for our locos - to give us much better control (on the whole) - and sound.

We're still controlling turnouts (and signals in due course) on separate circuits in order to allow faster operation.

Certainly we would not give up our DCC with sound now! Oh and we're talking steam, of course.