Thursday, 5 January 2012

Clay Wagons GWR Dia 013 (part 1)

Clay wagons will play a prominent role on Tredethy Wharf and other projects that I'm hoping to build in the future. This fact is something that has been playing on my mind for some time. So, over Christmas, I decided to dig out all the kits from different manufacturers that I'd collected over the years: kits from the wagon works of Ian Kirk, Colin Ashby, Ratio, Cambrian, and some of the new Parkside Dundas kits. Also, while getting the Christmas decorations down from the loft, I discovered a number of part built clay wagons that I'd put together many years ago tucked way in a box.

Above are five of these wagons, part built to EM gauge from Ian Kirk kits. Looking at them afresh they are very basic not really coming up to the standard that I am now trying achieve. Rather than throwing them away, I'm going to attempt to rebuild them as a start in creating my clay wagon fleet. I've already been able to disassemble one other part built Ian Kirk wagon, just hope these five come apart as easily. Much work to be done but it's a start.... I've only 32 clay wagon kits waiting to be assembled..!


Flymo said...

Hi Yan,

Well, they look like a good enough start... Unless my eyes deceive me, you already have replacement coupling hooks on them, so there's a degree of extra detailing already.

Will you try compensating or springing them?

Keep us up to date with progress :-)

Richard Slipper said...

Hay Yan, Happy New Year. You're making enviable progress with your project. Wagons looking very good.

You've got my Nanslor Blog listed on your site but I've had to relaunch it
and I've been adding to it! So would be really grateful if you might re-add it. Thanks
Kind regards

Yan said...

Hi Paul

The wagons were in poor condition with some buffers set at jaunty angles and some inappropriate break-gear. Even if I could have dropped P4 wheels in I would not have been happy with them. Progress is slow but they are coming on. I'll post an update soon.

Hi Richard

I've updated the link to The Nanslor Railway.