Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Winter Project - Gearbox

The holiday (or should I say field trip) in Cornwall and the hasty day at Scalefour North has renewed my enthusiasm for all things P4 and Grogley Junction. Over the weekend I found a couple of hours to build the High Level gearbox. The gearbox came with very comprehensive instructions, which, at first, make the construction look complicated. But when all the components were all laid out on the table and each paragraph was read a couple of times, the mist started to clear and the gearbox was very quickly assembled.

After a quick test under power it was soon installed in the chassis and it is starting to look promising... Oh and it moves!!...

I think the next task will be to create a cradle to support the motor and work out how to install the pick-ups.


James said...

Always pleased to see your project progessing!

Shame I only managed to say hello at Scalefour North - I had my hands full most of the time there! But I'll be demonstrating there next year!

Flymo said...

High Level gearboxes are things of beauty...

And come in some many different permutations that you can almost always find a combination that suits a kit.

Glad to hear that things are back on track :-)