Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Flocking fun

I am starting to have some fun creating trees, bushes and ground cover.

At the weekend I'd quickly painted a back screen. Though it's a little rough, for the moment I think it does the trick. By now I was hoping to have had the layout erected in the garage so that it could be worked on as a whole. With the cold weather continuing this is not really feasible. So the task of a back screen was brought forward to reduce the damage to any scenic items while moving the boards around. Also, as the major design fault of this layout is that I've incorporated the end back screens on the fiddle yards boards, I'm giving thoughts about adding removable ends to each scenic board as protection when transporting it around the house or to an exhibition.

Start of the Cornish Hedge and fencing
I've started to install fencing along with different lengths and colours of static grass to the meadow at the back. At the front it is hoped that the long white sausage will eventually look like a Cornish hedge. The idea is that this hedge will run all along the front, but for the moment the jury is still out on this idea.

Test tree finished
Above is my first tree for many a year, in fact only my third attempt ever. My first couple of trees where constructed about 25 years ago on a long lost OO layout and can just be seen here. I think the above is a slight improvement. Not sure where it will be installed on the layout as it was only constructed as a test piece so it might not pass muster.

All authorised by the management
My missis is being a little treasure at the moment not only is she allowing me to work in the kitchen she's also allowing me to take over the dinning table for a few evenings. Mind you she has a big distraction on at the moment which I'll mention in my next post.


Mikkel said...

This looks flocking good :-)

I especially like the shot with the tree (and the tree itself). Like handpainted backscenes, trees can easily end up looking "just not right", I find. But yours really looks the part. Thanks for the inspiration.

It seems the cold weather is keeping a lot of modellers indoors this spring! I wonder if it will have an effect on cancellations for exhibitions etc :-)

lnrmodels said...

I agree with Mikkel - that tree looks pretty damn good and the scenics are looking top notch.

I've got to relay a load of track, but I just can't seem to get out into the Garage - it's just too damn cold. Besides which, I can stay in and scribe some more walls!!

Yan said...

Many thanks for your kind comments guys.

I've just spent a short time out in the garage working on the fiddle yard screens... come in for a warm and a little more tree making...

Thanks again