Thursday, 4 August 2016

Weathered wood (Part 1)

A few years ago (blimey it was in 2011) I built a 7 plank private open wagon and tried to paint it to represent bare weathered wood. Though I liked the outcome at the time, on reflection, I feel I'm a little off the mark...I now think my attempt was a tad too yellow. It needs to be a little more silvery-grey with subtle light grey-brown tones along with hints of yellowy warmth. With the doors on the barn for Tredethy Wharf requiring similar effects, I though I'd return to some wagons to trial weathered wood painting techniques

I'm going to use the following three articles off the web along with Craig Welsh's article in MRJ 200 as examples.
(If you explore the last link you should find some nice techniques for wooden effects when startng out with a blank piece of white plasticard).

So, to start this little project off, I dug out a very old, part built, wagon which, I believe, is an Ian Kirk kit.

On the left: 7 plank built in 2011: On the right: old 7 plank kit to be used as a test
In the picture above is the aforementioned 7 plank wagon on the left, on the right is the very old kit with a poor attempt at representing bare wood. We all must have some items that have been put away in disgust at our attempt to create an effective model and this one must have been languishing in a drawer for over 20 years. Behind the two 7 planks is a Bachmann 5 plank wagon that is also up for a bit of a repaint

More to follow...

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Bob said...

Yes, it is a good diversion to complete some detailing, to ease the stress of deadlines!

I have problems with the large amount of rolling stock but I have cured this by extending the layout.... I have substituted an MRS 4 ft board for the 2 ft home made one and having just eliminated the fault/short, am now spraying the trackwork on that board. The 'short' was 'cured' by completely re-wiring the crossover point work ON/ON three-pole switch and then re-wiring the track.......some things never change. Steve calls it Bob's Wonderful wiring..

Golf is looming on the horizon; our Peter has just returned from two weeks in Mallorca with Jo and the kids which for him, normally leaving home at 5.30 am and returning at 6.30 pm, is stressful !! One of Claire's customers is South Kyme Golf Club so am leaving it to her to sort !!