Saturday, 6 December 2008

Loosing time

Well, it would seem that I am falling into the same trap as previous. Yet again not being at home this weekend and finding enough spare time for Grogley during weekday evenings is being difficult. Any spare time has been spent on expanding MI Territorials web pages The web site still needs a little work before publishing so any spare time this week will be spent on this.

Templot is a great piece of software but I need a good continuous stint at using it to get the best out of it. As a first plan in Templot and with the sporadic time I'm giving it, Grogley Junction is proving to be a hard learning curve. When I find a couple of hours free I know I will be going over old ground to remember commands etc. This is getting a little frustrating so I've been thinking a lot about how best to get started. As it will take time to finalise Grogley's trackplan, it is very tempting to build a small diorama/working layout first. This would help to iron out and test track building techniques and problems, gauge my woodworking skills, and try out different scenic construction techniques. So what to do? This is the question.....

While this is thought about I will get my membership application of to the P4 Society this week.

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