Monday, 29 December 2008

A lost layout

I found some old photographs of my first portable layout build in the late 1970's. Not very good photos and for some reason I used black and white film. The track plan was lifted from an article in the Railway Modeller as it suited the very limited space I had available at that time. Overall the layout was 9 ft long being two 3 ft x 1 ft boards for the scenic section plus a 3ft x 1 ft fiddle yard. Peco Streamline track with Peco point motors underneath. The buildings were card kits from Prototype Models. It was used a couple of times to promote the Mablethorpe Club in displays and if I remember correctly once at one of the club's exhibitions on an August Bank Holiday Monday. The layout has now long gone but I still have some of the stock, all of the wagons being converted to EM.

Lets hope I can do better this time around.

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