Thursday, 16 January 2020

Well... New Year...New start...

2019 was not a very productive year for my modelling projects, either model railways or wargaming. Back to my school report: "If Ian puts as much effort into his studies as he does on the rugby field he would achieve good results". For Rugby read Golf. Golf did take over much of my time last year which enabled me to win three competitions plus some good finishes in others. Think I should change the strapline on the blog header from  "an attempt to get out of the armchair" to "an attempt to to spend less time on the golf course". I feel that I can make better use of my time so plan to become more focused on modelling projects while at home.

So outline plans for 2020:
  1. Complete the Beattie Well Tank
  2. Create my own Grizer train
  3. Build better support structure for Tredethy Wharf
  4. Complete minor modifications to Tredethy Wharf
  5. Make a start on the next project (more about that later)
  6. Investigate DCC mainly for the next project but may also be for Tredethy Wharf
At the moment I've been honoured with invites for Tredethy Wharf to two shows during 2020:
  1. Scalefour North, Wakefield (28th & 29th March)
  2. Helston, Cornwall (25th & 26th April)
This does mean that for the next couple of months I must get my head down to some serious modelling before the better weather kicks in and I'll be tempted to spend more time out in the fresh air on the Golf Course!

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