Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Like a duck

Like a duck, there's not much movement above water but there is a lot going on underneath, and so it is with this project. The start of a new month and most would say there's not a lot happened. While there has been no physical progress, there has been a lot of thinking put in last month. Mostly done while painting little men for my wargaming projects but good thinking time. I've never been one to jump straight into a project without trying to think it though. But part of the thinking process is possibly confidence building as much as trying to get it right.

February also saw me dig out an old Airbrush (Aerograph Super 63). No idea where hose and adaptors have ended up. After a little research I gave a call and found them to be very helpful in identifying all I needed to get up and running. Last month also saw me place an order with Ultrascale for their Bachmann Pannier and Hornby Class 29 wheel conversion packs. (The Class 29 chassis is to be used for a Class 22). With a 10 week delivery I am hoping that by the time these arrive I will have build some track. Might only be a yard on a diorama but there will be track. Talking of track, an order has also been placed with the EMGS for Gauges and track components.

So what will March bring? I intend to start building a wagon or two which will give the airbrush something to go at. Also to put some wood to the saw, if not making a start on baseboards for Boscarne Wharf Junction at least to put together a diorama board.

Slowly but onwards and upwards.

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