Saturday, 6 June 2009

North Cornwall Railway (An Illustrated History of)

For anyone that is interested in the North Cornwall Railway this book has got to be part of their collection.

Bought by my partner as a birthday present, I have only, up until the last few days, scanned the pages. While I've been away I've started to read more and found this book to be a very in depth book on the NRC. Chapters cover the history of all stations from Okhampton to Padstow, including track plans and signal diagrams and a few drawings of typical structures. Also chapters on freight and passenger workings, and loco diagrams along with excellent appendices containing coach diagrams and timetables. Included throughout the book are many splendid photographs with very informative text, in many cases itemising train make up with coach numbers and freight descriptions. So far I have not read anything that might alter my proposed layouts or my alternative history for Grogley Junction but there is plenty of information that will help to enhance the project.

A truly excellent book.

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